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Zare Urban HIV Prevention Project

Zare Program was emanated to be undertaken by encompassing Health, Education and Environment, which are the three vital hubs of development. Zare is an Amharic word which literally means “Today” quoted by Timret Lehiwot Ethiopia to show this initiative is a standing point of action for creating better future. The project is launched in Hawassa as part of Urban HIV prevention program in partnership with GOAL ETHIOPIA with a financial support of Irish Aid.

The project designed with the objective of contributing to a reduction in HIV incidence and the mitigation of economic developmental and societal impacts of HIV. The pilot project majorly focused in addressing the issue of HIV through focusing in behavioral change intervention and raising the awareness of domestic workers, Housemaid brokers, High school and University students (in-school youth), Teachers, Female Iddires members, PLWHIV and Health extension workers in urban settings.
Zare logo: The background is green to show our vision of creating green world and our green country. the figure circling the Zare worlds is a sign of message, which is a message for sustainable development. It also symbolizes communication for current action and empowerment of society.

Goal: To reduce the transmission and incident of HIV/STIs through Behavioral change communication and awareness raising interventions.
Objectives: To contribute to a reduction in HIV incidence and the mitigation of economic developmental and societal impacts of HIV.

Target Groups of the Project-
High school and University students
Domestic workers
Female Iddirs members
Housemaid Brokers
People living with HIV
Female Sex Workers

Various training provisions
In-School Peer to peer education
Promoting positive role modeling of students/teachers
Life testimony by PLHIVs
Experience sharing visit
Capacity building activities
Talk show /National and International Events
IEC/BCC Materials production and distribution
Sustainable Livelihood Provision (IGA)
RH and STI service promotion
Baseline and follow up survey

Increased access to prevention and treatment services for HIV, STIs, and OIs
Strengthened linkages and synergies between HIV and other health related programme through activities
Reduced vulnerability and social and structural barriers to accessing services
People living with and affected by HIV and OVC’s have improved access to education and livelihoods opportunities
Improved HIV analysis and adaption of core programme work in response to HIV
Mainstreaming (Gender, Environment, and Child Empowerment)